Lawn Waste Disposal

As mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP):

  • Lawn waste may not be disposed of with your regular trash
  • Lawn waste may not be burned
  • The township leaf collection week is held annually during the month of November and is advertised on the website, Social Media, Township Newsletter and Township TV Channel.   Decomposable bags are available at the township building for $2.00 each.  That price covers the bags and the pick-up.  Just come into the Township building, buy your bags and register your address for pick up and “leaf” your bagged yard waste on the street. Alternative options for all those pesky leaves: creating a compost pile or till your leaves into the soil of your garden beds where they can act as rich mulch. 

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Daudert by emailing Susan [at] or calling 610-399-8383, Ext. 101.