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You Can Reduce The Risk of West Nile Virus Around Your Home!

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Mosquitoes need water to breed.  The basic formula for reducing the mosquito population around your home is simple: eliminate their breeding spots, reduce their numbers.


Important Information About Fluorescent Lights


If you have fluorescent lights in your house, you should know that they contain mercury, which can be a health hazard in the event a bulb should break.  Therefore, if a bulb breaks, always leave the room for at least 15 minutes and NEVER clean up with your bare hands.  For information on how to clean up a bulb breakage, go to the following EPA website:

Gasline Pipe Safety - Know what's below - Call before you dig!


In Pennsylvania homeowners and contractors are required to contact PA One Call, by dialing 8-1-1 at least three business days before beginning any digging or excavation project.  When PA One Call receives a call, it will alert the appropriate underground facility owners of the intent to dig. The underground facility owners will identify any underground lines or facilities at the work site.  In 2006, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission ordered all local telecommunications exchange carries and other carriers with switching capabilities – including payphone providers – in Pennsylvania to fully implement 8-1-1 as the abbreviated dialing code to access PA One Call.

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Deer Control

In response to recent concerns from township residents regarding the deer and geese population, please contact the Township (610-399-8383, Ext. 107) to report a dead animal.  All properly acquired game meat will be donated to City Teams Mission.

Pennsylvania Road Work Info available from PennDOT

For anyone interested in roadwork being performed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you can visit PennDOT’s website for travel information.  Simply go to PennDOT’s web site: , and click “Statewide Construction Map”, which illustrates any work being done along roads and streets throughout the state.