Historic Thornbury Township Documentary

The  award winning documentary, HISTORIC THORNBURY TOWNSHIP, was produced by the Thornbury Historical Society for the purpose of promoting the depth and importance of our local and national history. 

The production not only stands as a fine overview of a wide variety of three centuries of locales, events, and people, but as a testimony to what can be accomplished when a dedicated  group of volunteers come together to support a valuable cause.  The generosity of time and effort was particularly demonstrated by the Director and resident, Richard Pyle.  The talent of amateur actors, musicians and behind the scenes "stage crew" was vital to the overall quality of this enjoyable learning experience. The credits, revealed at the end, highlight individuals and businesses that generously supported the project as well.  The roll call of numerous contributors at the end are those of our residents and THS members who backed us financially and documented their own family name for the future!  Click below to view this special documentary:

Historic Thornbury Township