Trails & Maps


The EAC has established and oversees several lovely trails within the township that allow residents to savor the beauty of our natural surroundings.  Special events are scheduled several times a season to expand upon our knowledge and appreciation of their unique features.  Check the EAC Calendar for more information.

See Wildflowers along the Trails!


EAC Special Events

Special events are scheduled several times a year on Saturday mornings to showcase our wonderful trail system and all residents are welcome to participate.

On several separate occasions, we have hosted a Scavenger Hunt on the Luckenbach Trail for our younger residents.  Stream ecologists from the Ashland Nature Center have come equipped with fishnets, field microscopes and water testing kits.  Participants learned to identify a variety of microinvertebrates inhabiting Chester Creek and to learn about their life cycle. Local arborists led informative tours along the trail as youngsters searched for hidden treats.


Bird Watching Event

Begun in 2016 and to be repeated this fall, “Introduction to Birding” is led by local resident John Mercer who leads bird walks for West Chester Bird Club, Longwood Gardens and The Friends of Exton park. This is a wonderful way to learn the basics of bird identification and bird calls.  Date to be announced.


Historical Hike

historical hike group photo

For several years, the EAC has sponsored hikes along the Luckenbach Trail and in Bonner Park led by local historians Sam Neumann and Walter Cressler.  The 2017 Historical Hike along the Luckenbach Trail took place on May 6 and highlighted the industrial heritage of our township as exemplified by the extensive ruins of mill operations along Chester Creek and the stone crusher plants related to the John T. Dyer Quarry.

historical hike photo