Winter Weather Information

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When winter weather arrives, we need your help to ensure that Township roads are made safe!  Below is a basic list of items to consider. Please pay special attention to requests regarding parking. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

  • Please do not park on the road or cul-de-sac during snowstorms. This makes it extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to plow the street. 
  • Please do NOT shovel snow or ice into the street or right of way. This is not only dangerous to our plow crew, but is also dangerous to vehicular traffic and pedestrians.
  • Please tend to any vegetation that may hang into the street once it becomes covered in snow and/or ice. Homeowners are responsible for tree limbs and other growth; for example, bamboo that has grown along road edges and collapsed into travel lanes in recent storms.
  • Power Outages:
    • Please report all power outages to PECO @ 800-841-4141 (Have your home phone number or account number ready) and continue to call every 3 hours.  
    • Please visit the Outage Map on the PECO app or in your browser:  They will post estimated restoration times as they become available. 
  • Call 911 to report fires or other life safety issues. 

Precautionary Measures

  • Ensure you have a flashlight and extra batteries
  • Make sure your cell phones and devices are charged 
  • If you have a well, fill your bathtub to be able to flush toilets and store extra water for drinking
  • Monitor our website for any updates regarding emergency notifications

State of Emergency

Should a State of Emergency be declared due to weather conditions, it is unlawful to park a motor vehicle or tractor or to allow same to remain parked on any highway or portion named in the listing below.  It is also unlawful to operate any motor vehicle or tractor on these roadways unless the vehicle/tractor is equipped with adequate equipment to provide sufficient traction so as not to impede or block other traffic.  

Township Liability re. Mailboxes:

Thornbury Township is not responsible for replacing or repairing a mailbox damaged as a result of snow removal.  Please make sure your mailbox is securely fixed to your mailbox post and make sure your mailbox post is securely in the ground.