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November 8, 2017


PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PECO has joined forces, for the second year in a row, with electric and natural gas utility companies across the United States and Canada to help provide essential information that can help utility customers avoid being scammed. PECO and its sister Exelon utilities, Atlantic City Electric, BGE, ComEd, Delmarva and Pepco are committed to educating customers and putting a stop to scamming. 

When being scammed, a customer typically receives an unsolicited phone call from an individual who falsely claims to be a utility representative. The scammer warns that the customer’s service will be shut off if the customer fails to make a payment – usually within a short timeframe through a prepaid debit card.

Scammers have even replicated the upfront Interactive Voice Response system of some utilities, so when customers call the number provided by the scammer, it sounds like a legitimate business. Some of these scammers also use caller ID spoofing to replicate a utilities phone number.

Red flags for scam activity

How to protect yourself

Don’t Get Scammed: Customers can avoid being scammed by taking a few precautions:

Any PECO customer who believes he or she has been a target of a scam is urged to contact their local police, and call PECO immediately at 1-800-494-4000 to report the situation.

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