Printable Version - Winter Snowstorm Precautions

March 20, 2018

When winter weather arrives, we need your help to ensure that Township roads are made safe!  Below is a basic list of items to consider. Please pay special attention to requests regarding parking. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

State of Emergency

Should a State of Emergency be declared due to weather conditions, it is unlawful to park a motor vehicle or tractor or to allow same to remain parked on any highway or portion named in the listing below.  It is also unlawful to operate any motor vehicle or tractor on these roadways unless the vehicle/tractor is equipped with adequate equipment to provide sufficient traction so as not to impede or block other traffic. 

Township Liability re. Mailboxes:

Thornbury Township is not responsible for replacing or repairing a mailbox damaged as a result of snow removal.  Please make sure your mailbox is securely fixed to your mailbox post and make sure your mailbox post is securely in the ground.

Emergency Notification System

If you have not already done so, please consider signing up for the Delaware County Emergency Notification system. It only takes a few minutes and will enable you to receive a variety of announcements from severe weather to public health concerns. Click here to enroll.

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