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UPDATE - Attempted Luring of Child in Delaware County

Date: April 17, 2018

Through investigation, PSP Media has determined the incident in Chester Heights was NOT a luring attempt. This was a delivery driver who exercised poor judgments and customer service, and not related to the Middletown incident.

The Middletown incident is still under investigation. 

Attempted Abduction - Glen Riddle Apartments

On 05/07/18 at 1131 hours PA State Police Media received a call from an administrator at Glenwood Elementary School who related that a 5th grade student had encountered a male in a white work van who had attempted to lure him into the vehicle. A 10 year old juvenile male, who was waiting for the bus in front of 1016 West Baltimore Pike (Glen Riddle Apartments), related that as he stood alone waiting for the school bus a male suspect drove up to him and asked him if he would like to drive his van. After the juvenile related that he did not, the man took off, headed north on Baltimore Pike. The van was described as white, having no windows, a dented passenger side and red lettering on the side.  The juvenile’s father also related that he had seen this particular vehicle parked in the parking lot over the last two weeks. He added that there is also what appeared to be an Autism awareness sticker that was on the side of the van. On 05/04/18 an incident which nearly mirrors this one allegedly took place in a nearby township. The details of the van itself as well as the description of the suspect are nearly identical.

Media Station – Attempted Abduction – 349 Willits Way, Chester Heights Borough, Delaware County (PA2018-479067)

On the above date at 1951 hours, dispatch received the report of a 15 year old female that had a dark skinned(possibly Hispanic) male attempt to lure her to his vehicle. The female related that a white work van pulled up in front of her residence and the male suspect displayed what appeared to be an Amazon package. She related that she had not ordered anything so she should not be the recipient of it. He was persistent, saying that he would then have to contact his supervisor and mark the package as “refused”. Her father was also interviewed at the residence and confirmed that there was no delivery from Amazon expected. The van was described as white, with no windows, a ladder rack and red lettering on the side. The van came from and left towards Mattson Road.

PA State Police Media is currently following up on leads; however, no arrest has been made. Residents are encouraged to call PA State Police Media at 484-840-1000 or 911 immediately if a van matching this description is observed or if a similar incident occurs.