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Zoning Hearing

Date: May 7, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM

Appeal 2-2018 - Appeal of Mr. William H. Clinger, III for a special exception and variance under Chapter 27, Section 2101(C), (E) & (H) in order to permit construction of an addition to the home and related improvements on the property which is a preexisting non-conforming structure where no expansion in excess of twenty-five 25% is permitted and the property is listed on the Township’s Historic Resource Inventory as Historic Resource No. 114.  In addition, a variance from Chapter 27, Section 403.5, side yard, is requested to locate the addition to be 9.22 feet from the side boundary line where a minimum of 45 feet is required. The property is located at 360 Glen Mills Road, Glen Mills, PA, in the R-1 Residential District of Thornbury Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.