Zoning Hearing - 10/16 @ 7:00pm - Home

Zoning Hearing - 10/16 @ 7:00pm

Date: October 16, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM

Appeal 9-2017Appeal of Andover Homeowners Association, Inc. from the issuance by the Township of a Grading Permit to the dominant tenant Sunoco Pipeline, LP in order to allow Sunoco Pipeline, LP to perform grading in the area of an easement in the open space area owned by the servient tenant Andover Homeowners Association, Inc. which would allow construction of a pipeline within one hundred (100’) feet of the curtilage of a residential property under 15 P. A. C. S. A. §1511(b)(1)(i) and within seventy-five (75’) feet of a building in violation of Thornbury Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance Section 22-605 and  reduce the Appellant’s open space below the required forty (40%) percent on a property as required by Thornbury Township Zoning Ordinance Sections 27-1204 and Section 27-1205, located at 190 Middletown Road, Thornbury in the  R-1 Residential Zoning District.