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Sunoco - Mariner East Project in Thornbury Township - 7/2 Update

Date: July 2, 2018

8/25/2017 Update:  Sunoco Representatives have informed the Township that they will be starting work today, 8/25/17.  The work they will start with includes soil erosion control measures as well as removal of top soil.  This will be followed by the removal of trees along Rt. 352.  Sunoco has indicated that the work will occur within the hours of construction permitted by Thornbury Township, which are 7:00am to 9:00pm. 

As many of you are aware, Sunoco Logistics has been preparing for the construction of two new pipelines commonly referred to as the Mariner East Project. We have included several attachments to this section of the website for informational purposes. There are approximately 4000 feet of pipe to be installed through Thornbury Township. About 2400 linear feet of pipe is to be installed by digging/trenching and the remainder is to be directionally bored. There is one valve station that is proposed within the township located in the general area of a current valve station that services existing lines.

The area of the township directly impacted by this installation is located in the Northeast corner of Thornbury Township (starting at the intersection of Rt. 352 and Rt. 926 and ending near the intersection of Slitting Mill Rd and Keswick Drive) Specifically, there are eight (8) parcels of land in Thornbury Township that the pipeline will traverse.  The new pipelines are generally located along the same path where two existing lines owned and operated by Sunoco are located. Sunoco has negotiated easements with all but one of the owners of those eight parcels. Sunoco, as a public utility,  has exercised its power of eminent domain to acquire the easements for the eighth parcel.

We will keep residents updated on the schedule of construction as we acquire that information from Sunoco.

Listed below are documents and information relative to the project: