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What the heck is happening at Creek & Tanguy Roads???

Date: February 7, 2017

US 322 Road work:  You may be familiar with  the US 322 road widening project. A portion of that widening project will impact existing wetland areas. As a result of that impact, PA DOT is required to either replace or enhance existing wetlands. That wetland replacement project is currently under construction in Thornbury Township at the corner of Creek and Tanguy Roads (otherwise known as Barrett’s Meadow). PA DOT acquired the property from the Township through eminent domain. They acquired a temporary construction easement as well as a permanent easement for the area where the wetlands are being created. The temporary road that can be seen from Creek Road is slated to be removed and the area restored once the project is completed. The project was started in late 2016 and PA DOT has indicated that the work should be completed by this fall. Please feel free to contact the Township if you have any questions regarding this matter.