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You're never going to believe what happened in our Township!

Date: February 6, 2017

Thornbury…Our Life & Times… is the Thornbury Township Delaware County Oral History Project video compilation of interviews of present and past residents documenting our wonderful history.  The interviews took place from 2012 through 2016 and provide a rich archive of the Township as its 20th century landscape transitioned from a rural agrarian setting dominated by dairy farms to the largely residential communities that emerged by mid-century.  Most of the 27 individual interviewees came to the barn at Sweetwater Farm to share accounts of a broad range of life experiences with connections to Thornbury and its neighboring communities of West Chester and Media. The role of local schools, Cheyney University and the community churches provide insight on the changing lifeways in our home-town through the decades. 

The interviews are heart-felt, moving personal accounts that sometimes describe gripping, unforgettable moments, providing emotional connections to the history of this township and its three communities: Thornton, Glen Mills and Cheyney.  Some of the stories link to national events such as the impact of the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement and the African-American experience in Thornbury and neighboring West Chester, as well as international events such as World War II or the Korean conflict. The Quilting Group interview reveals the strong bond and devotion of the ladies of this community.

These interviews were given the blessing of our Township’s Board of Supervisors and were organized and produced by our Historical Commission in association with our Historical Society. Recording and editing was performed by Interpretive Solutions, Inc. of Philadelphia.