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Leaf and Yard Debris Pick-up Week

Date: November 18, 2014 - November 21, 2014

With so many storms these past few months we all have yard waste! So rake up those leaves and gather all of those sticks and branches.

What should you do with it? You have several options:

  • Re-use the yard waste, for example: composting. Choose an area in your yard to corral your leaves, grass clippings and small branches.  Oak leaves are perfect for compost. 
  • Leaves are also ideal for organic mulch.  Cover your garden beds with the fallen leaves.  The thick moist leaves will prevent weeds growing until it is time to plant the beds in the spring.  They will decompose into the soil, so no need to remove them!  Just till the leaves and let the nutrients sink into the soil.
  • Take advantage of our leaf collection week - 11/18 - 11/21.  Decomposable bags are available at the township building for $2.00 each.  That price covers the bags and the pick-up.  Just come in, buy your bags and register your address for pick up and “leaf” your bagged yard waste on the street.

Pick-Ups Scheduled for November 18, November 19, November 20 and November 21.