From the State Police - Burglary Prevention - Home

From the State Police - Burglary Prevention

Date: August 7, 2013

Pennsylvania State Police
Troop K, Media barracks

Contact: Tpr. Rosemary McGuire, Community Services Office:  610-558-7074

Burglary prevention

The Pennsylvania State Police is investigating burglaries in Delaware County.  Some of the residences have been forced entry, but others were unlocked.  The State Police have some recommendations not just for vacation-bound residents, but also every day safety.

The State Police is asking you to lock doors and windows of your homes and vehicles.  If you are going away, even for a weekend, try to find a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home.  Ask if this neighbor will collect your mail and any newspapers in your driveway.  If anything at your home has a serial number, keep a record of it.  Television and computers have serial numbers, but so do some bicycles.  The State Police suggest that you photograph your valuables, such as jewelry.

If you have a house alarm, then please use it.  Outside lighting can also be a deterrent to thieves.

If there are any suspicious people or vehicles, please call 911.