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The EAC has established and oversees several lovely trails within the township that allow residents to savor the beauty of our natural surroundings.  Special events are scheduled several times a season to expand upon our knowledge and appreciation of their unique features.  Check the EAC link for further information on upcoming events.

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Luckenbach Trail

Extending along the East Branch of Chester Creek, this wooded trail provides a scenic waterfront hike that passes numerous historic ruins attesting to this region as a vibrant center of industry during the 18th and 19th centuries.  Remnants of foundations from former sawmill and gristmill operations and the sluiceways that provided the water to power them are plainly visible.  The trail extends to the sites of 2 old stone quarries once belonging to the John T. Dyer Quarry Company where remnants of the original stone crushing plant are prominently visible adjacent to the railroad tracks.  The fern covered basin of the original quarry surrounded by its soaring rock walls makes this a very pleasing destination. Bonner Park Trails can also be accessed from this location.

Trail Length:  1½ miles from Cheyney Rd to Bonner Park at the Old Station Rd Bridge (which despite its name is found at the base of Grist Mill Rd).

Access to the Luckenbach Trail is from several signposted trailheads:

  • Station Rd where it crosses the RR tracks and another Station Rd bridge (parking available at the Cheyney Post Office)
  • Locksley Road Bridge (small parking area available)
  • Grist Mill Rd and Creek Rd (no designated parking area but parking along the base of Grist Mill Rd possible)
  • A trailhead also begins at the rear of the parking lot on Cheyney Rd near Station Rd.










Ruins of 19th century Stone Crusher Plant at the John T. Dyer Quarry