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Recycling/Environmental Tips > Township Recycling

Township Recycling

Thornbury Township Single Stream Recycling Information

Pick-up Information

Please be aware that your recycling will not be picked up if there is any article in your recycling can that is not recyclable.  Items to be picked up:

  • NO NEED TO REMOVE: Paper Clips, Stamps, Address Labels, Staples, Metal Fasteners, Cellophane, Address Windows, Rubber Bands, Spiral Bindings, Plastic Tabs. 
  • PLEASE: Flatten All Cardboard Boxes. Empty And Rinse All Containers.

Do Not Include:  

  • PLASTICS Other Than Those Listed, Plastic Film, Plastic Bags, Paint, Pesticides, Oil & Cleansers, VHSNCR Tapes, Phones, Computers, Etc., Plastic Bags, Needles Or Syringes,Styrofoam To-Go Containers Organic Material And Food Waste.
  • PAPER Items Other Than Those Listed, Stickers Or Address Labels Sheet Waste Waxed Paper Or Waxed Cardboard Paper To-Go Containers.
  • GLASS Items Other Than Those Listed,Window Panes, Mirrors, Ceram­ ics & Pyrex Dishware, Paint, Pesticides, Oil & Cleansers, Organic Material And Food Waste.
  • CANS AND METAL ITEMS Items Other Than Those Listed, Scrap Metal,Needles Or Syringes, Paint, Pesticides,Oil & Cleansers,Electronic Waste (Batteries, Cell, Etc), Phones, Computers, Etc.

Information from our Recycling Plant re. what can and cannot be included in your recycling bin:

Our Recycling Plant's Educational Information:










Recycling Containers  

Recyclebank is a program that partners with Opdenaker, Image result for recyclebank canour
Recycling Contractor, to reward residents for recycling. Opdenaker will
provide residents with a Recycle Can for a monthly fee.  If you are an Opdenaker customer, your Recycle Can is included with your service.  When the
recyclables are picked up, they are weighed and converted to Recyclebank
points which can be redeemed for rewards.  For more information, contact Opdenaker via the above link.

Questions regarding the Township's recycling program, call 610-399-8383 (Ext. 107) or email

If you do not wish to utilize the Township's Recycling Program, you may contact a private contractor to pick up your recycling. 


Delaware County Recycling Information

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