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From the Township Manager

Hello Fellow Residents -

As we welcome spring and all of the excitement that it brings, we invite you to consider sharing your talents and abilities with other residents here in Thornbury Township. We are always advertising positions that are open on various committees and commissions. Perhaps it would be helpful to look at this opportunity through a slightly different lens.

Do you have a hobby or favorite pastime that you would like to share with others? Are you a bird watcher that could impart knowledge on your fellow residents if given the opportunity? We would love to hear what your passion may be and how we can help you to share.

Several current programs were born out of just that type of thinking. For example, we offer tennis lessons at Thornbury Park. The instructors are Township residents that had a desire to start a program in order to generate more interest in tennis. We are pleased to tell you that this program has flourished over the past several years and we would love to expand upon its success.

Please contact the Township and share your ideas for possible ventures. Perhaps we can partner with you to further develop the great sense of community that we all enjoy. Every program we offer started with an idea, let’s hope that next idea is yours.

Jeff Seagraves
Township Manager