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From the Chairman

Hello Fellow Residents!

My fellow Supervisors and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some recent activities and comments. 

Our public works department has been working all summer to renovate the second floor of 8 Township drive. That building is adjacent to our municipal offices at 6 Township Dr. Thornbury Township Chester County currently leases the first floor and our new tenant will be the Thornbury Historical Society.  

Congratulations to our 2017 Scholarship Winner:  Danielle Berkowitz.  Rustin High School anonymously chooses the Scholarship recipient. Danielle also served as one of our Junior Supervisors this past semester. It was bitter sweet to say good bye to Ms. Berkowitz and Joseph Kephart. They were an excellent addition to our Board.  We wish them much success as they pursue their college educations. We look forward to introducing our 2018 Junior Supervisor to the township in January.

On Tuesday August 1, we had a special meeting at the Glen Mills Schools Library. We had a large panel made up of First Responders, local agencies and Sunoco Logistics. The goal of this meeting was to give our residents a platform to be informed, to be heard, and to ask questions. The meeting was open to the general public, however we tried to limit the Q&A time to our residents.  The meeting lasted approximately two 2 hours long and was a success. Our goal is to constantly and consistently communicate with our residents. If we are not doing that, please reach out to us and let us know how we can improve. We always appreciate your feedback.

We have recently purchased a couple more acres of open space in the township.  This piece borders the corner between Thornbury Park and the Upper part of the Field above the location of the current Farmers Market.  Stay tuned as we are always working to secure additional parcels to enhance the township and add to our current open space inventory.

Just another reminder, if you are interested is serving on our boards and commissions, please reach out to the township with a letter of interest along with a description of what you are most interested in serving.  We also have many other volunteer opportunities with all of the events that are hosted by the township and could certainly add to our already dedicated group of volunteers.

In closing, have a great fall and we will see you around town! 


Jim Raith,

Board of Supervisors