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From the Chairman

Hello Fellow Residents!

My fellow Supervisors and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information and comments.

This is our fifth year with the Junior Supervisor position and it has become so popular that we now have two Junior Supervisors.

Danielle Berkowitz is a senior at Rustin where she is the Yearbook Editor and participates in BBYO, a Jewish Youth Group. Danielle works at Justice clothing store and is considering studying Political Science in college. Danielle felt that the Junior Supervisor position would allow her to see Government at work. “So far I have learned about the procedures used in local government and how connected to the community everyone in local government is.” said Berkowitz.

Joseph Kephart is a senior at Rustin High School and works at PJ Whelihans. He is considering Drexel University or Penn State to study Architecture. Kephart wanted to get involved in his community so working as a Junior Supervisor is ideal. In this position Joe has learned that “it is important to familiarize yourself with meeting reports and agendas so that you know what will be covered at a Township meeting.”

JP, Sheri and I are enjoying working with these young leaders.

We would like to thank everyone at Grace Winery, located on Sweetwater Rd, for their warm hospitality in February as they hosted our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. This year was special; we presented the very first Mark Kelly Volunteer of the Year Award to George Morley. George has been a volunteer in several different positions since 1968. If you see George around town, please thank him and congratulate him!

In closing, have a wonderful Spring, and we will see you around town!

Jim Raith,

Board of Supervisors