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From the Chairman

Hello Fellow Residents!

My fellow Supervisors and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some recent activities and comments.

Once again we have made significant progress on our Open Space Master plan.  This year we added approximately 17 new acres of open space. In June we acquired two acres adjoining Thornbury Park and then in October purchased 14.7 acres of wooded property next to Martin Park. The township committed to the open space plan in 2007 and since that time we have acquired all, or a portion of six (6) of the top fifteen (15) properties that were identified in the 2007 Open Space Plan.

While we are looking forward to another year in Thornbury, it always seems helpful to reflect on the past year and what has been accomplished. In addition to our open Space Acquisition, our fellow supervisor Sheri Perkins ran the good race and was elected to serve as your supervisor for 6 more years. Sheri is honored to serve and she has been a valuable asset to our board.

We are looking forward to introducing our 2018 Junior Supervisor as we begin our 6th year with our Junior Supervisor Program. The students from Rustin have been exceptional at keeping us informed on the activities of our residents at Rustin High School.

Please sign stay informed on what’s going on around town by registering your email address with Sue Howat.  Sue will send you updates and reminders vial email bi-weekly. (

Jim Raith,

Board of Supervisors