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From the Chairman

Hello Fellow Residents!

My fellow Supervisors and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information and comments.

We have been very fortunate to have Joe Kephart and Danielle Berkowitz appointed as our fifth Junior Supervisors for the township! Both Joe and Danielle have done a fantastic job with all of their participation and have relayed all student activities very well. We wish Joe and Danielle the best as they move on to College in the fall. We will be continuing with this program next year and look forward to another Rustin Student(s) from the township joining our team.

We held our 11th annual local government day on April 21st. Vice Chair, JP Kelly, Supervisor, Sheri Perkins and I invited seniors from Rustin High School to learn about their government in a program called Local Government Day. We spoke to the students about our rolls in local government and how and why we got involved in serving on the Board. This year we had a little twist and made our way over to the high school. The goal is to educate the students and encourage them to get involved, volunteer, vote and attend their municipal meetings. They had the opportunity to meet several people working in various levels of government. Our guest speakers this year included Senator Tom Killion, State Representative Chris Quinn, District Attorney Jack Whelan, Chief of C.I.D. Joe Ryan, Forensic Analyst Michael Avella, and Pennsylvania State Policeman Tim Green. They all spoke about their positions, what their tasks include and how they affect the student lives. It was a day of learning and fun.

On May 17th we had the pleasure to invite the National Champion Rustin Hockey Team to our meeting. We presented them with a proclamation outling their successful season and how proud we are of them. With the school only open now for ten years, having won five state titles and this year adding the national title to its resume is very impressive. To the players, coaches, support staff and parents: Excellent job!

If you have any interest is serving on one of our boards or commissions please contact either myself, JP, Sheri, or a member of our staff, let us know what interests you may have and when positions become available we will let you know. Our Township is fortunate to have great volunteers, not only the ones who serve on the boards and commissions, but the ones who help out at all of our events. Join our family of volunteers; it will be a rewarding experience. In closing, have a great summer, and we will see you around town!

Jim Raith,

Board of Supervisors