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Elected Officials

2018 Elected Officials
Judge of Elections (District 1) Lisa Falcone
Judge of Elections (District 2)          Beverly Schmitt      
Judge of Elections (District 3)      Jill Solar
Judge of Elections (District 4)          Jean MacKenzie
Judge of Elections (District 5)   Robert Kelly
Tax Collector Willard McMullin
Constable                                           Jack Esher
Township Auditors: Ryan Scott Watson 
  Joyce Price 
  Beth Miscichowski
Board of Supervisors:                    James H. Raith
  James P. Kelly
  Sheri L. Perkins
2018 Appointed Officials
Township Manager

Jeff Seagraves

Municipal Secretary

Geoff Carbutt

Board of Appeals:  Greg DeMarco
  Michael King
  Thomas Dever
  Jerry Daudert
  James Peterkin
Registered Elector William Clinger
Emergency Management Coord Willard McMullin
Asst. ER Coord Greg DeMarco
Library Board Member Jean MacKenzie
2018 Township Consultants
Kenneth Kynett  Township Solicitor
James Byrne  Planning Commission Solicitor
Michael Imms  Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor
Wayne Grafton  Planning Commission Land Planner
Charles Faulkner  Township Sewer Engineer (Pennoni Associates)
Michael Ciocco  Township Engineer (Catania Engineering)
Michael Ciocco  Planning Commission Engineer (Catania Engineering)
Peter Barsz  Township Treasurer
Mark Bryan  Sewer Enforcement Officer
Leitzell & Economidis  Township Auditing firm
Len Warren  Electrical Inspector
Allen Strickler  Animal Control Officer